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Jenny Hu helped me with chronic pain when western medicine had no solution.

I was told by the fertility clinic that I may not be able to have a child. I had decided to do insemination and was devasted to hear the knews. The clinic recommended acupuncture and a good friend recommended Jenny. Like most people I was very skeptical but decided to try anyways as I was looking at every avenue possible. After 3 weeks of 3x a week treatment, I went in to get my insemination procedure done. The clinic told me that not only were my chances low but the average success rate on the first insemination is 15%. Well guess what???? 2 weeks later and consistent treatment with Jenny and I am pregnant. I truely believe the acupuncture treatment I received had something to do with it. I highly, highly recommend Jenny for anyone having difficulties conceiving. I’m def convinced!
My husband and I were struggling with infertility for over 16 months. For eight months we tried countless methods, spent a small fortune in natural treatments and had sought help from a Naturopath doctor. Just as we were about to give up and start the long and invasive path of the medical process, we were referred to Jenny Hu at the Royal City Natural Health Clinic. My first visit for acupuncture was very informative. She assured me that she would be able to help us with our fertility and I trusted her. In the second month of treatment I became pregnant! She is truly the best when it comes to infertility and I highly recommend her to anyone who is having problems getting pregnant. If you are struggling with infertility she should be your first visit.

I recommend Jenny Hu to everyone. Her ability to diagnose physical and mental problems is outstanding. I had two lumps being monitored by the hospital. Jenny recommended a supplement called LOM. Over time both the lumps disappeared. A number of members of my family have had cancer. I believe her treatments and supplements are the reason the lumps are gone.

I have recommended Jenny to everyone I know. In case they need help down the line, or if they need it now. I regret that I didn’t go to Jenny sooner! I have many years of various treatments, that have not imporved anything. I just started to go to Jenny, and have already noticed a huge improvement. My life is easier thanks to Jenny. Also, my father had years of a bad back from a serious accident… many years of other treatments that didn’t help. He went to Jenny for a short time, and has not had to get anymore treatments, from anyone, in years. She explains what is being done, listens, and does the job! Extremely highly recommended.

I’ve been seeing Jenny Hu for acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for many years. She’s helped me immensely and I’d highly recommend her for any condition you have. I credit her for saving my husband’s life after he was misdiagnosed by several MD’s for a serious condition that Jenny diagnosed based on his symptoms and giving him a physical check. He ended up requiring surgery. This doctor is a godsend. She seems to have an intuitive quality I’ve never seen before in any practitioner. I highly recommend her.